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O.S.T Album

  1.KISU no tochuu de namida ga
   (Tears in the middle of a kiss)   
  2.Miracle Brace - Wake Up -  
  3.MISUTERI- - shinpi no kuni -
  (Mystery, the mysterious land)  
  4.Densetsu no hana
  (The legendary flowers)   
  5.Yume (Dream)  
  6.Crystal Fever - Suspense  
  8.Good morning !! Girls  
  9.Half Moon  
  10.Miracle Brace  
  11.Memory - Good Night -  
  12.Futari janakya dame na no
  (We have to be together by all means)   

Remix Album

  1.Break Beats Vol.1  
  2.Break Beats Vol.2  
  3.Miracle Girls Medley